Lavender Shortbread Thins

Finally the sun is shining in rainy England! This has put me in such a springy, joyful mood, that this recipe is lovely and floral. Although it is not lavender season (I usually make these biscuits with dried homegrown lavender in September), lavender sugar is readily available in supermarkets. These are deliciously crumbly biscuits and perfect with a cup of earl grey tea.


When you make the dough, do not be alarmed if it crumbles all the time, this is because they are SHORTbreads, which means they are short and crumble easily. Do not be tempted to add more liquid! I am doing a dance show all this week, and have been fuelling my friends up with cakes and biscuits – these were a hit. They are deliciously aromatic and delicate.

For afternoon tea, they would be just right (along with some scones, obviously) and your guest will be majorly impressed by the more unusual lavender biscuit. Oh yes, I always use a heart cutter with these, but you could use whatever you want. Also, you may want to halve the recipe if you do not want a freakishly large quantity!

Lavender Shortbread Thins:
Makes 40 small hearts

225g/8oz butter
125g/5oz lavender sugar
300g/10oz plain flour
50g/2oz corn flour

1) Line two large trays with baking paper.

2) In a large bowl, place the butter and sugar and cream together. Then slowly mix in the other flours until you have a sort of thick, breadcrumby mix (sorry for the poor description).

3) Form the mixture into a large ball (don’t worry if it crumbles a bit) and then wrap in clingfilm and chill in the fridge for about 15 minutes.

4) Whip the dough out of the fridge and tip onto a lightly floured surface. Grab a floured rolling pin, and roll to a thickness of about 5mm.

5) Using a heart cutter (mine is quite small) or any cutter of your choice, cut out your shapes and place them on the baking tray. Any leftover dough can just be squished and then rolled out again.

6) Place the baking trays in the fridge for 30 minutes, whilst you chill (not in the fridge hopefully). Or in my case do piano practice yaaaaawn Meanwhile preheat the oven to 180°C/160°C fan.

7) When you have returned, pop the biscuits in the oven and bake for about 15 minutes (no longer than 20 minutes) until a pale golden colour. Sprinkle with your fairy dust (i.e. more lavender sugar). Then place on a cooling rack and serve/eat/gobble.



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