My Library of Recipe Books

So although my blog is full of my recipes, I couldn’t get inspiration without some fantastic/life-saving recipe books. Over the years, my collection has accumulated and I can’t fit many more on the shelf (much to Mum’s annoyance). Here are a few of my heros…

1) Mary Berry’s Baking Bible
Mary Berry = Goddess. She has amazing simple recipes and also some spectacular cakes and her tips are really good. I always make her flapjacks, profiteroles and biscuits. If you loved her on the bakeoff, then buy her book – nuff said.

2) Hummingbird Bakery Book
Although this is chief culprit of the repulsive, sickly sweet layers of icing, if you half the icing quantities and lower the sugar quantities, the recipes are in fact very good! The muffins are soso good.

3) How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson
Nigella is, I’ll admit rather annoying to watch, but her recipes are divine and this is my favourite book of hers. Definitely a good investment.

4) A passion for baking by Jo Wheatley
I got this book for my birthday, and love it! It has such a variety of things to make and some lovely extra goodies. Jo’s blog is also worth a visit

5) How to Bake by Paul Hollywood
This is one of the best buys. The step by steps are incredibly useful and ensure perfect bread, even if you are an amateur and pretty rubbish. His desserts and pastries are also incredible. Definitely a solid book to get.


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